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In the News

Byfield Marine Supply Earns SHARP Award

A small company, located in an industrial park off Olive Road, Pensacola, is an enthusiastic participant in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's SHARP program for small businesses.

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Focus on Safety Nets Prize

SHARP company Byfield Marine Supply in Pensacola has a streak of nearly fours years without an injury of any kind to its 17 employees

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Can Safety Consultation Boost Your Your Bottom Line?

"They are a model small business that proved that with employees and management teaming together to address safety issues, they could turn the work environment around 100 percent."

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Governor Charlie Crist Recognizes Florida SHARP Employers

In April 2009 Governor Charlie Crist sent a letter of commendation to Florida’s 53 SHARP employers.

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Playing it Safe

Sarasota Manatee Business featured USF OTI's Bob Nesbit and USF SafetyFlorida's Charlene Vespi on the urgent issue of how growth is contributing to workplace injuries

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