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RecordKeeper gives you a fill-in wizard to input data a single time to fill out the three OSHA-required recordable-accident reporting forms. Whether you have one location or many, you can use RecordKeeper to fill out the OSHA-required 300-series of accident reporting forms. The wizard saves you time, and you can save the records to your hard drive and print them out for posting or for your files. Your data is secure at: https://secure.consultationconnection.com/RecordKeeping

What You’ll Get with RecordKeeper

Completed official OSHA-required forms 301 (to report a recordable accident), 300 (all accidents at a location), and 300A (Summary of accidents to be posted).

Entering Data One Time Fills Three Forms

  • Say Hi to the wizard. When you add a new incident, the wizard steps you through each of the data screens and automatically fills out the three OSHA forms.
  • The wizard saves time, and you don’t have to guess about what to fill in.

Save, Print, Edit

  • Save each OSHA 300 form to your computer’s hard drive. Print it. And, if necessary later, edit the data.
  • RecordKeeper gives you an electronic way to create paper documents as needed, while maintaining electronic versions that can be edited if information about an incident changes.

Measure Safety with Stats

  • RecordKeeper’s wizard also computes three ways you can measure your safety performance: Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART), Total Recordable Case Rate (TRCR), and Lost Workday Injury and Illness (LWDII).
  • This real-time report allows you to monitor your safety record and project whether it may lower your workers’ comp modification rate.