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OSHA Guidance

OSHA at a Glance

Here's a quick and accurate overview of how OSHA regulations apply to your business.

Grain Storage

The Florida death 15 years ago of a young grain storage worker prompted OSHA to revise its standard for grain management safety. In 2010, across the US at least 26 workers were killed in grain entrapments. These deaths led to a letter to grain storage facility operators from Assistant Secretary for OSHA, David Michaels. Each of these deaths in silos and grain storage facilities is a personal story affecting young workers, their families and friends: Perez and Martinez, Pacas and Whitebread, Rigsby, and Greve and Banks.

OSHA Topics Page offers links to OSHA grain handing standards and fact sheet.

OSHA Hazard Alert on Using Scissor Lifts to Film Events

OSHA Guidelines for Commercial Diving Operations

A. 29 CFR Part 1910, General Industry Standards.
B. 29 CFR Part 1915, Shipyard Employment Standards.
C. 29 CFR Part 1917, Marine Terminals Standards.
D. 29 CFR Part 1918, Longshoring Standards.
E. 29 CFR Part 1926, Construction Industry Standards

OSHA National Emphasis Program - Primary Metal Industries

OSHA inspection history has shown that individuals employed in the Primary Metal Industries are exposed to serious safety and health hazards on a daily basis. Previous inspections of primary metal establishments have resulted in citations for overexposures to a wide variety of health hazards including chemical exposures in foundry operations as well as physical stressors such as noise and heat. This Instruction describes policies and procedures for implementing a National Emphasis Program (NEP) to identify and reduce or eliminate worker exposures in facilities under the Primary Metal Industries, Major Group 33 in the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual. This NEP will also heighten health and safety awareness within the affected industries of the potential for worker exposure to harmful chemical and physical hazards so that employers may voluntarily take steps to correct hazards and comply with current safety and health regulations and practices.

The Most-Cited OSHA Violations (vnd.ms-powerpoint 163.00 kB)
General Industry and Construction - What OSHA is most likely to cite at your workplace.

Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program
Policies and procedures for inspecting workplaces that create or handle combustible dusts.

29 CFR 1910
Complete Occupational Health and Safety Standards for General Industry

29CFR 1926
Complete Occupational Health and Safety Standards for Construction

Free OSHA Posters
A huge listing of free, downloadable, safety posters; some also available printed by order.